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nikki and I jeep

Our Approach

We treat every customers concern and situation with a personal touch. No matter if your concerned about a small shed having a mouse problem or a 1000 acre solar plant, concerned about equipment failure due to ants and squirrels. We provide personal Old Fashioned Customer Service and make sure all of our customers are satisfied.

No job has limits. We will work to provide a solution no matter how complex or extravagant the situation calls for. Raptor Pest Controls works with a network of licensed and reputable contractors that can be referred if something out of Raptor Pest Controls Scope of Services is discovered. We will make sure to see each and every project/situation from beginning to end with 100%+ satisfaction.

Raptor Pest Control is a proud member of the community and works with city and government agencies to help others in times of need. Please contact us for more information on volunteer info.

Our Story

Over 15 Years of experience in states all across the country we have seen and experienced many different climates, terrains and cultures. This has helped build Raptor Pest Control to relate and have the knowledge to treat situations from all over the country.

More to come on our Bio Pages soon.

Meet the Team

We are proud of each and every team member of the Raptor Pest Control Family. We are growing constantly and building a culture of great people to take Raptor into the future.

The end all be all of the office.........the one and only with telephone skills that can make the terminator weak.

Do eskimos live in igloos? That's because Nikki sold them all the snow!

Has a short attention span whenever a science lecture is nearby or a bug.

Great attention to detail, sometimes too much attention.

Likes long walks in the mountains. Blue Skies and Lakes.

Loves Family and this company is a growing family.

Fantastic people skills. Knows jokes from all across the country.

Not a fan of Cats but Loves Dogs.

When it comes to finding a nest of ants there is no one better than Adrian.